Terms & Conditions

  • All users who visit Meplacing.com and wish to conduct business through the site are expressly implied to have read, understood, accept, and agree to abide by the conditions, terms and rules laid down here.
  • Meplacing.com acts as a bridge between recruiters, recruitment consultants, and the candidates to ensure requirements of the parties involved are met. We act in good faith when candidates or consultants provide information based on which we process profiles. The factual accuracies given in a candidate's Resume must be verified by the recruiter and we shall not be held responsible for the same.
  • Once an application is processed and an interview arranged, it is the responsibility of the candidate to perform to his best so that the available position can be given to him. Our role ends with the arrangement of the interview and candidates must take it forward from there.
  • No guarantee is made towards provision of a job placement just by virtue of registration on the website or attending an interview process.
  • If a candidate gets multiple interview opportunities, Meplacing.com attempts to advise candidates the best opportunity we consider most relevant to the candidate. However it is the candidate's prerogative whether he wishes to be led by our counsel or not.
  • Upon recruitment, a candidate has to give a written undertaking of working for a minimum period with the recruiting company and must abide by the same. Meplacing.com will not be held liable if any candidate wishes to discontinue from a certain company due to any reasons whatsoever.
  • The minimum expectations from both the recruiter and the candidate must be clearly understood by both the parties concerned and both the parties are expected to honour the same, without prejudice to Meplacing.com
  • Meplacing.com will ensure that a candidate works for a minimum period of 6 months, once assigned the job. However in the unexpected event of a candidate quitting within the referred period, we shall make every attempt to offer a replacing candidate to the company. However our liability after the minimum period shall end and we shall be under no obligation to process any other candidate, and if done shall be done under a fresh process.
  • All fee paid by candidates, companies or third parties to Meplacing.com is Non Refundable, as Meplacing.com does not subscribe to a Refund Policy.
  • In the event of any unforeseen legalities arising out of conducting business with Meplacing.com, for any parties, these shall extend only to the legal jurisdiction of Hyderabad.
  • “The website www.meplacing.com is owned and operated By Me Placing Solutions Pvt Ltd”.
  • Me placing does not guarantee for any jobs placements, we are responsible only to circulate your profile to the placement companies and help you in increasing your job opportunities.
  • We does not give any refund as per the company policy once our service is purchased.
  • We are not responsible for any job offer letters, visa processing etc.
  • If any false commitments given by the sales Reps without our notice, me placing has all the rights to terminate the particular employee, and again no refunds given to the job seeker.
  • In spite of giving all the terms and conditions clearly, still if the job seekers wish to go in a legal way, We will go ahead and proceed legally as per the company norms. We responsible only till Hyderabad jurisdiction. All the services which we offer are valid only for 6months.


Meplacing.com makes information available on jobs and candidates from various sources including online resources. All the information provided here is given in good faith and we make every effort to ensure that the information given is accurate. However the responsibility of cross checking available profiles lies with the candidates, the companies and third parties involved. We also do not claim to provide any interview call guarantee or assure placements. Profiles can be converted into interview calls based on the quality of the Resumes and only when they match the positions available within the company or client network. Meplacing.com will not be held liable and shall be held harmless and be indemnified by all related parties in the event of any unforeseen or untoward consequences arising from the conduct of business through the website.

All services provided by Meplacing.com is valid till 180 Days.